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Empire Blues

Empire Blues

Empire Blues is an established, dynamic Blues Power trio whose primary influences come from the British Blues invasion of the 1960s. Initially the band took its material from this period but over time it has moved to performing more original material in the belief that for Blues music to evolve you cant keep just repeating the past.

Formed in 2005 the band features prominent Western Australian Blues musicians Andrew McIlroy (guitar/vocal), Alan Dawson (bass guitar/vocal) and Frank
Shinall (drums and definitely no vocal). All three musicians have been stalwarts of the Perth music scene for many years and have previously played in some of Perth’s best-known Blues bands.

High-energy electric blues is very much the staple of the band,
which has a well-earned reputation for lifting the roof off many a blues venue. The band also brings together more traditional elements to many of its songs through the use of Dobro slide guitar and fretless bass for an acoustic (but not roots) blues feel.

Whilst not forgetting their origins the band still includes material from The Animals, John Mayall, Eric Clapton/Cream, The Rolling Stones, Robin Trower and many other great British blues artists.

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