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Ingrid Riollot

Ingrid Riollot

Ingrid Riollot is currently recognized as being a distinguished guitarist characterised by her very beautiful touch, tone, warm round sound and above all her very great musical sensitivity.

Holder of several prizes from the Lyon Conservatory as well as the “Young Talent Prize” awarded by the Philharmonic Society, Ingrid received the precious teaching of
Jesus Castro-Balbi in France as well as that of Ricardo Gallen in Spain.
Her talent allows her to perform in internationally renowned festivals in France, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Spain, Italy, Africa, Hong Kong, Albania, Switzerland...

Holder of a master's degree in pedagogy, Ingrid taught for several years in Music Conservatories in France, Studio Kodaly in Switzerland before devoting herself fully to her concert career since 2018.

She regularly sits as a jury in international competitions, regularly gives masterclasses, workshops at festivals and universities across the world.

Since 2018, Ingrid has been living in Esperance, Australia. With her husband, the luthier Damon Smallman, they travel the world together giving lectures-demonstrations on the History and Design of the famous Australian classical guitars of world renowned “Smallman Guitars”.

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