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J.V. Rail

J.V. Rail

JV Rail are a brand new country rock outfit homegrown in South West WA. Formed by Jon Vee on keys, vocals and guitar the band originally took their name from a train renowned for rescuing survivors in WA's rugged outback. "That train pulled men out of the belly of the earth - thats what music did for me," says Jon. “It all went to dust. My mind, my health and eventually my marriage. You have this life you were so focussed on and then with a snap of the fingers, it all disappears. That’s when the music started. From the dust it worked it’s way into my dreams.” With honky tonk piano, shimmering vocal harmonies and soaring guitar solos JV Rail conjure sounds reminiscent of Glen Campbell, Steve Miller Band and ZZ Top. Rounding out the band are Jack Grazioti on bass, Ben Clake on drums and Dave Kent on lead guitar. Together they play the tales of life through their instruments into a high energy, heartfelt sing along.

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