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MUFASSA originates from the foothills of the Sunny Coast in Queensland. His organic and sun soaked ‘Coastal-Roots' flavour pays homage to this beautifully unique landscape, where hinterland waterfalls meet long white sand beaches.
The sound is fresh and organic, looping together a multitude of worldly instruments, creating a unification that results in musical happiness (think Mike Love). MUFASSA draws influence from a multitude of musical storytellers including Mike Love (for his passion), Paul Kelly (for his honesty) and Archie Roach (for his legacy).

One of the original front men of ‘The Floating Bridges’, Dale Mallett (aka MUFASSA) is a musical nomad, travelling the country and sharing stories through song, raising awareness and support for youth mental health, environmental protection & cultural connection. Dale has just been announced as an official Ambassador for 'YouTurn', Sunshine Coast based youth support organisation helping young people navigate the many challenges of life including Child Safety, Homelessness and Mental Health!

In 2022, MUFASSA will be touring his 'Life in the Left Hand Lane' EP release and ‘Funky Reggae Party’ with shows across the country.

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