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Padderick Henry

Padderick Henry

Padderick Henry is a fingerpicking solo guitarist who leans heavy on his mid 1970s model Takeharu acoustic and a much modified Fender resonator guitar to produce music that is pretty much unique in today’s scene.

His setlist is made up of his own songs as well as covers of tunes that
resonate in him and to which he wants to pay tribute. Padderick
believes that good music comes from playing for oneself initially and
making yourself happy, and if you can do that, you can’t help but sound

The name ‘Padderick’ is a corruption of his real name of Patrick and
what his late Dad used to call him when in a playful mood after a couple
of shots of bourbon, and Henry is their shared middle name.

You’ll leave his gigs with a new appreciation of what a solo performer
can do.

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