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Tanya Ransom

Tanya Ransom

Tanya Ransom weaves her signature sound of folk blues and alt country, pulling heavy on the heartstrings. The Kimberley songwriter was Awarded WAM Regional Act of the year and recipient of the inaugural Nannup Music Festival Directors Award. Backed by an incredible band of West Australian musicians, together they paint a vivid narrative amongst ornate melody’s and powerful vocals that will leave you attached to Ransom’s raw emotion and storytelling through song.

“Wise, accomplished, honest music that’s worth taking a moment to absorb. You won’t regret it.”
Dan Condon, Double J

“Tanya’s songs deliver hope for those that have been through tough times. There is soul-searching that leads to self-growth, and these narratives are deftly woven with some fabulous musicianship… A constant through each of the tracks is Tanya’s vocals, which grip and deliver their truth with strength and clarity.”
Bruce Baker, Au Review

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