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The Beauty Of Fado

The Beauty Of Fado

Mike Burns began his study of Fado and the guitarra in 2009, in the cities of Lisbon and Coimbra, studying with guitarra maestros.

The Portuguese guitarra is a relative of the cittern, a 12 string with a unique viruosic technique that is attracting increasing audiences world wide.

Traditionally, it accompanies the Portuguese folk/art music genre Fado, with amazing vocalists and "saudade", the feeling of longing that combines joy and sadness. Fado has developed alongside tango, choro, bolero and flamenco for over a century, and has a huge repertoire from speedy dazzling passages to expressive gentle melodies.

A workshop on guitarra and fado features a deep view into the unusual guitarra tuning (DABEAB) and the virtuosic effects from different regions, the many fado forms and the new instrumentals (guitarradas) that are constantly evolving.

There is scope for investigating connections with flamenco, the intricate poetic forms of the songs, why Fado is called the Portuguese blues, and the accompanying roles of the acoustic guitar (viola) and bass.

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