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Merida Extrema

Merida is the name of a beautiful ancient Spanish city, capital of the autonomous community
of Extremadura. Merita Augusta, this was the original name, was founded as a Roman colony
in 25 BC under the order of the emperor Augustus, to serve as a retreat for the veteran
soldiers (emeritus) of the legions V Alaudae and X Gemina.
At the same time, Merida is also the name of the young daughter of a man, who was able to
transform his dream of creating his own guitar brand in reality.
This story begins in the late 1990s in Guangzhou, the capital and the largest city of Guangdong
province in southern China. At that time there were already several guitar factories in the
vicinity of the city, but all of them were for the production of overseas guitar brands. The
Chinese people could only work for these international companies as simple employees, get
extremely low salaries and see the fruit of their works sold overseas for a much higher than
what price they were paid for.
Amongst these millions of young guitar workers from this southern part of China there was a
man named Yu Wusheng, who was dreaming of changing this situation. Little by little, he
made up his mind, and, strengthened by the experience acquired during his years as guitar
manufacturer, he became strongly determined in creating an original Chinese guitar brand.
After all it was time for the Chinese people to create their own brand, a brand and a design
which could take advantage of the best guitar building techniques combined with the Chinese
decorative inlay tradition.
After years of savings and planning, Yu was finally ready to open his own guitar factory. It was
the year 2002 when all his dreams and passions became real, he was finally ready to open his
own guitar factory. The only one thing still missing was the name. His intention was to find a
name which could express the hope of beautiful vitality and inspiration he was nurturing for
his brand. Despite a long list unfortunately none of the possible names were completely
Anyway, exactly during that period, Yu’s wife gave birth to his daughter, Merida, who
immediately touched him deeply in the soul as a father and as s human being. “Will all the
great expectations for my guitars be as high as those I have for my daughter?”. That was was
the key moment, a top quality Chinese original design guitar brand named was born, named
after a beautiful young girl, Merida.

The exclusive distributor of MeridaExtrema for WA is “Guitar Boutique Perth”

Merida Extrema
Merida Extrema
Merida Extrema
Merida Extrema
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