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Janine Andrews & Michael Ellis

These two musicians come together with a shared love of Jazz and improvisational music. Originally from France, Janine studied Jazz at the prestigious conservatories in Paris while Michael, award winning WAAPA graduate, performs with some of Perth’s finest musicians. With similar backgrounds and taste in music, Janine and Michael take to the stage as a discerning duo with a show specially designed for the Strings Attached festival. 

Get Monked is an immersion into the world of Thelonious Sphere Monk, American Jazz pianist and composer and one of the fathers of modern Jazz. Thelonious Monk’s distinct style was second to none as his unique sound still captures the hearts of many today. Janine and Michael are among those fascinated by his graceful dissonance and painfully beautiful harmonies. Michael brings the essence of Monk’s challenging piano compositions to the six strings of his guitar melding elegantly with Janine’s vocals featuring lyrics from past and present. In the words of T.S. Monk “a note can be as small as a pin or as big as the world, it depends on your imagination.

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