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Made Mawut (IDN)

Made is a blues musician from Bali, Indonesia who began his solo career in 2005.

His blues style is reminiscent of American blues heavyweights such as Robert Johnson and John Hurt. In Made's opinion, blues music was born as a way to break free from the chains of society, and he has carried a strong sense of tradition into his modern interpretation of the style.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this dynamic and engaging talent in his very first Australian performance live, right here in beautiful Margaret River.


••• Drama •••

Just speak,
What is there,
A lot of talking,
But little meaning.

Stay honest,
Don’t dodge it,
Hidden feelings,
Can explode.

Must we make difficult
That which is easy.

Sell the corn,
Buy the rice,
No profit yet,
Yet already squeezed.

Eat the rice,
Already salaried,
But corrupt again.

Must we make difficult
That which is easy.

There are always changing problems.
Please don’t add more drama again.

The stomach is full,
About to explode,
Eating is wrong,
The diet burdens.

Asking for advice,
Must be precise,
Different opinions,
Shot in your place.

Must we make difficult
That which is easy.

••• Blues Kamar Mandi •••

I didn’t shower this morning,
Just like yesterday morning,
Not because I’m lazy,
But because there’s no water.

Water is now an expensive commodity,
Clean water is a scarce good,
Water is controlled,
By businessmen.

Water from the mountain,
Down into the valley,
Flowing to flooded rice fields,
It’s already exhausted, already exhausted
By luxury hotels.

I need water,
So do you,
The water bill is so damn high,
I hope my water will run smoothly,
In reality, not yet.

••• Beneath The Light Of The Full Moon •••

Beneath the light of the full moon,
The ocean water glistens.
Steady waves flow,
To the beach of jokes.

Beneath the light of the full moon,
The sad heart becomes happy.
The guitar makes the sounds of happiness.
The night is far from the dusk.

Thousands of sprinkled stars
Adorn the green sky.
Adding to the beauty of the natural world,
As well as the purity of the views.

Beneath the light of the full moon,
The heart is difficult not to be felt.
The poor who live in misery
That night rejoice.

••• Culture of Materialism •••
What is of the Almighty
Returns to the Almighty
Why does humanity
Heartlessly force
All norms
All ways
To have power
Over the Almighty

Competition of prestige
In the space of delusion
Without tolerance
The more judgmental
No relation
Of meaning
Individual ambition
To possess

Mmm culture of materialism
Mmm standards of achievement
Mmm manipulating self-worth

Fast development
Stalled mindset
Strong one-sidedness
Without opposition
Luxury becomes purpose
Earth is demolished
The heart Is impoverished
Relentless corruption

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