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Nick Northcott

Nick Northcott has been playing guitar for over 30 years. Originally from Kangaroo Island in South Australia, he migrated to Adelaide where he performed with various bands before moving to Perth. He is currently the guitarist for the Bev Abela Band and is active on the Perth music scene both with the Bev Abela Band and as an acoustic soloist. Recent performances include the Gidgestock Music Festival (with Bev Abela Band), Kidogo Art House Fremantle and the Perth Folk and Roots Club (as a soloist). He is currently mentored by internationally acclaimed fingerstyle guitarist Adam Rafferty.

His instrumental interpretations of popular songs draw upon pop, country, blues and jazz genres, while utilising fingerstyle techniques to facilitate simultaneous melody, bass and groove playing. Solo instrumental pieces in his set include jazz and blues standards such as Fly Me To The Moon and The House of the Rising Sun, but also pop tunes by bands as diverse as You Am I, Crowded House and The Church.

Despite being a soloist, Nick can play with the ferocity of a full band (as in House of the Rising Sun), our as delicate as the song requires (as in You Am I's Heavy Heart). Please view his social media pages - Nick Northcott Fingerstyle Guitar - for a taste of what he is capable of.

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