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Paul Jonson (NZ)

Folks describe Paul as a Blues Player Extraordinaire and a blues 4String legend, and he travels to share his magic at uke and music festivals. He often uses unique custom adapted instruments including tenor guitar resonators and resonator ukuleles to express the true feeling of the traditional folk blues, boogie and ragtime singers and original blues masters, and his mission is to astound any audience with the versatility of a humble four string instrument.

He features blues, boogie, ragtime and traditional folk songs in a concert and/or workshop format to acquaint the keen players with finger picking, alternative strumming, chording and tuning techniques that express the feeling of these styles of music. His passion for 4 stringed instruments has led him to running an annual NZ 4StringFestival. Paul's creativity with unique instruments has something of interest for everyone, and he'll share his techniques and talent freely, to all wanting to grow their own playability.

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