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Tracey Barnett

Bridgetown is Western Australia's spiritual home of blues and roots, so it is no surprise that resident singer-songwriter Tracey Barnett has that music in her soul. Fusing traditional blues and country elements with modern rock rhythms, Tracey's music has taken her across Australia, earning her a WAM Award, chart success, and airtime on Triple J, ABC and community radio.
First making her presence felt in 2010, she debuted with The First Of Many – a promising EP that introduced her authentic, heartfelt style. By 2013 her work was becoming more eclectic, and she captured a darker shade of her songwriting on the Blooming EP. Then, in 2017, she reached the artistic milestone of a full-length album with the triumphant Heart, Soul, Feeling. Displaying more grit – lyrically and sonically – the album proved that Tracey's songwriting was maturing and had reached a place unrestrained by convention.
Its follow-up Tracey's second album 'Eyes Forward' has spawned four successful singles – Gotta Get Out, Eyes Forward, Darkness In The Light and Haunted – each nominated for a WAM Song Of The Year Award. Produced by James Newhouse, the album shows off Tracey's ever-evolving songwriting, singing and guitar playing... not to mention the staggering arsenal she wields as a player (guitar, lap steel, resonator, banjo, harmonica, Hammond organ and percussion, thank you very much).
A multi-instrumentalist with powerful stage presence, Tracey is best witnessed in concert. Throughout her career she has made the conscious decision to remain solo, and as a result has created a closeness between her and her audience. This connection, along with her sheer instinct for songwriting, is what makes Tracey Barnett one the most exciting modern blues artists in Australia.

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