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Dog Box Guitars
Port Kennedy, WA

G’Day, I’m Mike Cotterill aka “Hoss”. Having played guitar for over 40 years I discovered the joys of Weissenborn guitars a few years ago. While I started with cigar box guitars I only ventured into the world of Weissenborn building when a $100 kit (second hand) became available here in Perth. From my first Queensland Maple guitar I have now settled on producing quality Australian Blackwood models built here in Perth.


While only at the start up stage I’m hoping to introduce more people to the joys of acoustic slide. I’ve already been lucky enough to have Andrew Winton (an Australian slide aficionado) play one of my guitars and I am proud to have supplied the current Weissenborn being played by WA blues artist Lightnin’ Jack.

The joy of building a quality instrument and hearing the resulting beautiful tone is what keeps me inspired.