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Moov Travel Guitars
Athens, Greece

Real guitar feel, real guitar sound...


Moov travel guitar is inspired, designed and constructed by guitar soloist and professor Yorgos Bechilvanoglou.


The major problem of all travel guitars which was solved by Yorgos Bechlivanoglou was the lack of feeling the three

dimensions of a real guitar body. Moov travel guitar has four independent brackets, which create a 3D precision geometry of the four points of the guitar body that are necessary for the ideal playing position. The result is a pure sense of a real guitar! Play and practice everywhere!


Moov is the smallest foldable travel guitar. The amazing total length of 38cm make transportation a piece of cake. Play and practice anytime! Moov travel guitar is completely silent but you can listen to your guitar by earphones as loud as you wish. And if you wish to play a concert, there is also output for amplification. Moov travel guitar is feedback resistant even in a high sound level or the drive channel on a guitar amplifier.


With Moov travel guitar you don't need to carry a footstool. The bracket that rests on the left leg can be adjusted to different height positions so to have the guitar at the ideal position. Moov travel guitar is constructed in classical and acoustic version.


Enjoy traveling and playing anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Be on the Moov!

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