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Scott Wise

Image by JP Horre

Scott Wise has been making guitars, mandolins, violins and other stringed instruments in South Western Australia since 1978, using the best Australian and exotic tonewoods.


From years of experience as a musician and luthier he has developed a comprehensive overview of lutherie principles and deep appreciation of how great, complex guitar sounds are made. Clients include Eric Bibb (guitar), Del Rey (ukulele), Loudon Wainwright (ukulele) Douglas Tolentino (ukulele) , the West Australian Mandolin Orchestra, Dave Mann and The Pigram Brothers

A Word From
Scott Wise

I started my journey in musical performance in the 1960s.  My peers in lutherie started around then too, with tertiary educated, free thinking individuals starting to question the factory, mass produced instruments available as standards had dropped seriously with the passing of the original generations of craftsmen and corporate thinking taking over.  As well as playing full time in bands, I started doing guitar repairs and reading about all aspects of lutherie.

I joined The Guild Of American Luthiers in 1978 and benefited from an ethos of information sharing, as there was no formal training available. I studied violin making in the U.S.A. and by the mid-1980s I was making all kinds of guitars from archtops to acoustics and classicals, as well as mandolins, solid bodies and electric basses.  Western Australia was a small population base and so I had to learn all aspects of lutherie to get work.  I later worked as a consultant for a large guitar factory in Melbourne as well, so have seen most sides of the craft and made a lot of connections along the way.

It is this experience which I wish to bring to Strings Attached, and can offer an overview of our place in Australia and the world.  Many luthiers, when they have been working as long as I have and feel they know it all, write a book.  I have several such books and can find places where I disagree in all of them.  I hope my legacy as a luthier will be the fostering of an exchange of knowledge from the best craftsmen, musicians, designers, engineers and other experts in the ever-changing world of stringed instruments.