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Mark De Vattimo
Bridgetown, WA

Mark De Vattimo is a hard rock/metal recording and touring artist, guitar tutor, music mentor

and CD/Vinyl graphic artist.

With 25 years of live performance and recording in the Australian Heavy Metal scene, West

Australia’s self confessed Heavy Metal ‘addict’ and ‘guitar operator’ brings you a ‘Heavy

Metal 101 Workshop’.

This workshop will focus on the role the guitar has played in shaping the sound of heavy

metal. He will demonstrate how the mechanics of the instrument have led people to utilize it in

specific ways in various genres of metal, how the characteristically “flashy” lead guitar sounds

are made and how they’ve evolved over the years.

Also learn about forming and being in a band, how to find the right people and rehearsal tips,

booking and preparation for live shows, recording an album, artwork, backdrops, getting in the

scene and life on the road. There will be interactive guitar demos including tricks and tips on

guitar, practice routines etc. all delivered with experience and humour.

-'WF Metal Awards Best Guitarist' 2007 & 2009

-‘WAMi Best Guitarist Nominee’ 2005

- Guitar, bass, drum tutor and partner at the ‘Marisa Leoni School Of Music’

- Art direction and layout artist

Mark Plays

Ibanez Destroyer

Ormsby Nunchukka Pickups