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Dave Brewer Band
Perth, WA

"Blues guitarist Dave Brewer is one of this country's great improvisers. Anyone who doubts the potential for subtle, impressionistic and colouristic improvising in a blues guitar idiom should hear Hubert Sumlin (Howlin' Wolf) and Dave Brewer"

John Clare - The Sydney Morning Herald

For over three decades guitarist Dave Brewer has been the backbone for many of Australia’s most seminal acts (including The Elks, The Dynamic Hepnotics, The Mighty Reapers and The Catholics) and has played with some of the most respected musicians on the planet.

Dave began playing with Perth Blues band The Elks in 1976 and toured Australia extensively until The Elks shifted base from Perth to Sydney in 1980, and from there began two years of constant gigging up and down the East Coast. Dave stayed on in Sydney to join Soul/R&B band, The Dynamic Hepnotics, The Mighty Reapers (with “Continental” Robert Susz) and later, world music outfit The catholics (with Lloyd Swanton – the Necks).

Throughout the 1990's, the Mighty Reapers released 5 CD's and were chosen to support many international artists including: BB King, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc. and supplied backing on tours by artists such as Hubert Sumlin, Louisiana Red, Billy Branch, Bobby Radcliff, Big JayMcNeely, Mojo Buford, Phillip Walker and Margie Evans. The catholics also released 5 CD's throughout the1990's and were involved with numerous Australian national tours, two Canadian tours and one

throughout Europe where the band performed at both the Montreal and North Sea Jazz festivals.

Dave moved from Sydney, back to his hometown of Perth in 2000 and since then has been playing regularly and recording with his own band, the Lucky Oceans band, Natalie Gillespie, The DooDaddies and others.

Lucky Oceans released his “Secret Steel” CD in 2005 with Dave on guitar. In 2008, Dave released his acclaimed debut album (under his own name) “Life of Riley” with Lucky Oceans on pedal steel guitar, and featuring the same rhythm section as Lucky’s release, comprising Ric Eastman on drums and Matt Willis on double bass.

Dave’s latest album “Night Walkin” released in 2013 again features Ric Eastman on drums, and Lucky Oceans pedal steel guitar is present again on a number of tracks. This new release finds Dave in the company of Wayne Freer on electric bass, and features Sydney Hammond B3 organ master, Clayton Doley on most tracks. Natalie Gillespie again joins Dave on backing vocals.

The new original material on Dave Brewer’s “Night Walkin” shows this artist at the peak of his song writing and musical skills, and proves there’s more to come from this seasoned performer.

"Dave Brewer's authentic, beautiful, electric guitar leaps and bends every blue drop out of each song. It's hard to tell if the guitar is playing him or the other way around"

Hugh Worrall - Drum Media, Sydney

"It's Dave's fretwork that never ceases to amaze, though. A great exponent of "less is more", each and every single one of his notes on this album is made to count"

On The Street magazine - Sydney

"...Dave Brewer has a reputation as one of the country's best blues guitarists…”

Peter Jordan - The Sydney Morning Herald

"The more I listen to guitarist Dave Brewer, the more I regard him as a hero - precisely because his playing has nothing to do with tedious "guitar heroics"...Brewer serves the music rather than strokes his ego, and he never wastes a note. When he does a solo, it's usually a beauty... "

Doug Spencer - The Western Review