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Katy Steele

Katy Steele

Katy’s music is rich in colour and texture like her family history.

Born in the most isolated city in the world (Perth, Western Australia) her colourful upbringing helped shape her identity as a creative chameleon.

Brought up around her father, a bluesman from New Zealand and her brother, Luke Steele, the face of Empire of the Sun, the family has seen the many facets of the music business and they all continue to thrive in their own worlds.

At the age of 19 Katy became the lead singer of one of Australia’s biggest bands Little Birdy. This saw her travel all over the world for showcases and touring to build on her fanbase for over 15 years. After moving to Brooklyn, NYC her career continued to develop as she sought out other sides of her identity after playfully moving into production and a more solo approach to her writing. Without a band to
bounce off Katy weaved through many directions and took time to find the right sound for this era.

Now based back in Perth after the birth of her first child, this new record, recorded entirely in their home studio, the husband and wife duo have now developed a formulaic approach to modern pop using a playful feel. An upbeat record that dances with the past with throwbacks all whilst feeling thrilling and moving. The
first single will be out September 2021.

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