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La Pandilla Flamenca

La Pandilla Flamenca

La Pandilla Flamenca is a Perth-based Flamenco Group featuring Naoko Christofis (dancer), Jatin Kala & Will Ditcham (guitarists) and Moira Desport (cajonista).

The group formed in 2018 after discovering a mutual love of Flamenco dance, Spanish music and rhythms. La Pandilla Flamenca -literally The Flamenco Gang – is a fusion of cultures with Naoko Christofis, a Japanese Flamenco dancer, and musicians from Mauritius and UK. This mix of rhythm, dance, guitar and percussion originates from Spain and has spread globally evolving as its popularity and influences have increased.

La Pandilla aim is to take you on a journey to experience and celebrate humanity's deep emotions- grief and joy, fear and rejoicing, conveyed through this unique, ancient and beautiful artform.

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