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Nate Lansdell

Nate Lansdell

Being brought up with a big emphasis on Hard Work, Family and Music has made Nate Lansdell the versatile performer he is today.
Growing up with a myriad of genres being exposed to him means that listeners will be taken on a journey through his upbringing both in life and his love of the Guitar.

Blending different techniques across these Genres, using the Melody and Bassline playing from his studies of Fingerstyle/Emmanuel-esque material, Percussive techniques from Reggae and Funk and Speedy techniques derived from Flatpicking Country and Bluegrass, he is able to shape a full band sound for the listeners.

Along with performing his solo one-man-band shows he has been playing lead guitar in the Country/Blues group Applejack and Moonshine as well Touring nationally and internationally with Roots band Moredidge Brothers on the Bass Guitar.

Lansdell has also had the privilege to have been teaching the guitar for 20 years to all ages and levels and really enjoys the moments of breakthrough and epiphany that he can share with those he is guiding.

It is an honour to be part of this years’ Strings Attached Guitar Festival and Nate looks forward to soaking in all that he can from everyone at the festival as well as hopefully being able to share some of his knowledge with festival goers.

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