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Stands For Sound

We create stunning guitar stands that are individually handcrafted from timbers specially selected for their gain and colour. They are as much a piece of art as a guitar stand and would not look out of place in any gallery, stage or living room.

Iain moved from England to Australia in 1988 and having little money started to make simple furniture. Initially born out of necessity, working with timber quickly became a passion.

"I recently retired and decided to learn to play the acoustic guitar. A good friend kindly lent me a guitar for me to try, and to thank him I designed and made him a guitar stand.
I wanted it to be both practical and something attractive to look at when the guitar was not sat in it, a piece of art. This was the beginning of Stands for Sound."

The guitar stands created by Stands for Sound are both stunning and unique and are handcrafted from timber selected for their grain and colour. No two stands are the same and can be custom made to suit most stringed instruments.

Stands For Sound
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