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Sam Lemann
Perth, WA - Melbourne, VIC

Sam’s influences of swinging jazz, country music, blues and island sounds creep effortlessly and tastefully into both his Ukulele and Guitar Playing and see him in great demand by singers, songwriters and bandleaders of many styles.


Currently the regular guitar player for Melbourne based singers Grace Knight and Stephen Cummings, but over the years Sam has performed with Gaby Moreno, Joe Camilleri, Linda and Vika Bull, Ross Wilson, Tom Burlinson, US Bluegrass Banjo legend Bill Keith and can often be spotted on a Melbourne stage with Hetty Kate, Jane Clifton, Andy Baylor, Lisa

Miller, Michelle Nicolle or the B-Sharp Big Band - to name a few.

A regular visitor to Hawaii in recent years, Sam has studied with the late Slack-Key guitar guru, Cyril Pahinui and many of the islands best Ukulele players. This has lead to many performances at Ukulele festivals and recording several tracks for the 2011 ABC release, “The Ukulele” and on CD’s with Hetty Kate and the “The Irwell Street String Band”.


When not enjoying a light lunch in Acland St, chances are that Sam will be in a recording studio somewhere adding to his list of over 80 CD appearances.

Sam Plays

Guild X500

Guild GSR T500

Lucas Miles Amps

Guild X500 - Guild GSR T-500 - Lucas Mil

Carson Crickmore Blackwood 00

Carson Crickmore Custom 17' Archtop

Gibson L-4CES

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Carson Crickmore Blackwood 00 - CC Custo

Carson Crickmore Custom OM

Carson Crickmore Custom 000

Carson Crickmore - Custom OM & 000.jpg

1947 Gibson L-5

1932 Gibson L-4

1950 Martin Tenor Ukulele

Koaloha Koa Concert Ukulele

Carson-Crickmore Soprano Ukulele

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1947 Gibson L-5 - 1932 Gibson L-4.jpg