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Marisa De Vattimo

Marisa De Vattimo

Like an intricately woven fabric, to date, Marisa has had a colourful career in the arts. As a compare and MC, Marisa has been on Fox Sports and reported for TV travel show Your Gold Coast.

Marisa has performed as a vocalist in front of royalty and top government officials in Australia and Japan in both English plus Japanese. Just like Willi Scott in the Club Obi Wan scene out of the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, she has even performed in front of top Japanese Mafia!

Having “Escaped to the Country” Marisa runs her own music school in the Bridgetown and Manjimup Shires and in partnership with her MDVMusic guitarist and co-pilot in life Mark De Vattimo, they run MDV Entertainment in the South West.

Marisa has also set her sights on mastering her secondary musical instrument the guitar, especially box and cigar box guitars. Honing skills on a secondary instrument is never easy but Marisa says,

“I’m determined to push through the self-doubt and negative thoughts, to pave a way for practicing something I’ve always dreamed of doing and surrounding myself with like-minded people, doers and mentors, hopefully I can get there.”

Hence, this is one of the many reasons Marisa has wanted to get this forum going, to support other women, whether novices or professionals. Developing a collective voice.

Thanks to the Strings Attached Festival team, Marisa is bringing the very first grass roots Women in Strings (WIM) panel to the table.

Marisa says, even though this is a forum about Women in Strings, Marisa invites people of all genders and ages to come along and collectively share in the this musical journey, learning how we can all work together.

Marisa, says,
“It’s never too late to join in this musical journey, we need collective support to continue to raise each other up.”

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